Masterclasses 'Connected Thinking'

In deze bijzondere tijd worden deze workshops online aangeboden.

Je kunt dus gerust inschrijven voor deze workshops, zowel voor nu online als later live. Wie nu inschrijft voor een online workshops kan die daarna gratis live herhalen.

Neem zeker ook een kijkje op en stuur het ook graag door naar anderen, zodat we deze periode zo stressvrij mogelijk doorkomen.

The Masterclasses ‘Connected Thinking’ are two-day workshops (live and in the future also available online) during which we apply Live The Connection to specific life domains and issues: family, relationships, health, work, learning disabilities, addictions, traumas, business, spirituality, communication, high sensitivity,...

To be able to follow these workshops, you first have to attend the free Workshop on De-stressing (live of online) and The Core.

More to be anounced for 2019-2020!

These workshop are not yet available in English, only in Dutch.
If you want to keep informed about the English workshops, please fill out the form below to keep informed.


Live The Connection Masterclass Family

During this two-day Live The Connection workshop 'Connected Thinking' you receive a framework to better understand family relationships and you learn how to use your LTC-tools to clarify them.



Live The Connection Masterclass Communication

During this two-day Live The Connection workshop 'Connected Thinking' all our attention goes to what happens between us: our interaction and our communication. We look at the skills we need to communicate in a congruent way and we install these in our automatic system.