Workshop on De-stressing for societies and schools

Organisations, societies and schools are all welcome te request a Live The Connection workshop on De-stressing here 

Duration of the workshop

Choice of three options:

  • A workshop of 2 hours
  • A workshop of 3 to 4 hours
  • A workshop of 5to 6 hours

Please indicate in your application how much time you have available.

Price of the workshop

Contrary to the Workshops De-stressing organized by Live The Connection, where a fixed price per participant is used, the price for these workshops can be agreed in advance with an organisation, association or school. This may appear to result in a different price per participant, but the workshop can also be offered free of charge to members, staff or employees. Please contract us to request a Workshop on De- stressing. 

Upcoming Workshops on De-stressing in cooperation with societies

Katrien Geeraerts, hartcoherentiecoach

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"I use 'the ABC of de-stressing' regularly. When I do it prior to an exciting situation, I feel calmer, even in that situation. If I do 'the ABC of de-stressing' after an annoying, exciting situation, that situation will be less stressful for me. All very good. Anyway, it's a powerful feeling that you can do something, that you have a technique at hand when you want to deal with your anxious feelings".

L.B. (v.) is in her thirties.

During the Workshop on De-stressing you learn:

  • What stress is: not only stress at work, but also worrying, annoying memories, physical complaints, ...
  • Recognising the stress reactions of your body.
  • How the brain works normally (connected brain) and what happens in the brain when in stress.
  • The properties and functioning of the consciousness and subconscious in case of stress and in 'connected brain'.
  • Learning to test whether your brain is in stress or connected.
  • The ABC of de-stressing' - removing the stress in your brain and body: a practical exercise in which you can de-stress yourself quickly.

For those who want to know more, there is the book on de-stressing (in Dutch) that was published last year. The English version will be published in 2021

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