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This workshop has ended.

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A few days before the workshop begins, you will receive the link and instructions on how to take part.

The participants of the previous online Core Module were really excited!

  • "I don't have to travel to the workshop, which saves me time and I can start the workshop without too many impressions of the surroundings, and I can learn in my own familiar environment. The separate "breakout rooms" are a great invention (a room where you can work together as pairs). You are not distracted by others who are practicing. This also feels a very safe way to practice because there were different ways we could ask for help".

  • "I'm at home. I can do odd jobs or make phone calls in between. There's no distance to travel to get there, no accommodation for the night, it's cheaper, you don't have to pay for transportation and meals, you can sit in different places, take time and space for yourself in your own home".

  • "I'm very positive! The online class went much better than expected."

  • "There may also make contact with others. By practicing with everyone alternately, it is nice to guide others in their processes and to be guided by someone else in your own processes. This gives you better contact with each individual".

  • "There is a  secure connection and this is tangible."

Register on time

In order to send the course material on time, we need you to register at least one and a half weeks before the workshop starts.

Preparation for the workshop

To prepare yourself for this Core Workshop it is mandatory to first attend one of the Workshops De-stressing. We advise to register for one of these online workshops, because you will then be personally guided in learning 'The ABC of de-stressing'. Having completed this workshop you will receive a discount code of €25 on the Core Module.
If you are not able to participate in a live or online Workshop on de-stressing, you can click here and watch the online videos ‘First aid for Anxiety’, so that you can practice 'The ABC of de-stressing' yourself. Any questions you may have will be answered on the first day of the Core Module.

Timetable and Program

On the first day there will be an online reception at 9am. We start at 9h30 and continue until about 18h. The following days we work from 9h till about 18h. The final day ends at around 17h. There are regular pauses and a one-hour lunch break.

The program is structured around a number of plenary sections with instructions and demonstrations, alternating with practice sessions in pairs. This also all applies online.

The goal is to learn to work independently with the connection processes so that you can implement at home and at work.

There is always enough assistance from people who have experience with Live The Connection, so that all participants may receive sufficient personal attention throughout the workshop.

Workshop material

In order to send the course material on time, we need you to register at least one and a half weeks before the workshop starts. If this is not possible, we can send you the course material digitally so that you can print it out.


Especially for this premiere you van join the complete four-day Core workshop for only €300. The regular price of this workshop is €880. If you bring a family member, colleague or friend, you receive a further €50 reduction for yourself. Simply ask for a reduction code by letting us know who will be joining you. 

A warm welcome! I am looking forward to meeting you!