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Click here for videos of 'The ABC of de-stressing' for children... (Dutch)

Just give it a try! Even as a parent you can only benefit from it!

A girl of 10 years old had trouble sleeping and was very tense at school. She learned 'The ABC of de-stressing'. She now sleeps much better and is less stressed at school.

Anneke Davids, Connection Coach (
In my personal life I use the 'ABC of de-stressing' in everyday stressful situations to de-mine quickly and easily. The result is that I can continue with inner peace and an open mind. I also physically notice that the accumulation of stress in my body is decreased. I can release stress mentally and physically so that I can fall asleep easily. It supports me in daily stress moments with the children, both for me and for them. Before, I quickly lost my patience at times, while I now remain calm and clear. Being able to react in this way creates a loving atmosphere in our family! From now on I am a mother who dances through life! :-)

E.I. (v.) is a psychologist-psychotherapist

Some testimonials from K.v.K., in her forties.

She works as a coach, is a De-stress Teacher and is mother to two children.


"My son (13 years old) and I are having breakfast. He hasn't had his breakfast for two days, which is quite unique for him. After just a few bites he indicates that he's not hungry. He doesn't understand why. I ask him if he might be tense. He changes classes halfway through the school year and will have to make new friends again. This class has different rules than the current ones (it has fewer students and is more structured). He says that this might be making him so tense. Then I tell him to take off the stress. He is happy to do so. The 'ABC of de-stressing' done and ready. Immediately he felt the difference. After that he ate his breakfast every day.

On the day he had to acclimatise to the new class, he said to me: "I'm pretty stressed. No, I'm not. I like it exciting and it makes me feel really good". How grateful I am that I can give my child this beautiful gift. And that I get this in return!"

My daughter (10 years old) is dyslexic. She often reads words at home which she gets as extra homework from school. These are three rows of difficult words to her. She has to read them out loud every day for a week. The speed and correction of the reading improves as the week progresses.

Often we can only read in the evening when she is already tired from learning and playing all day. I notice when she is tired: she reads almost every word wrong. At that moment I ask her to sit in the DNA-string. When she has the feeling that she can continue reading, she sits down straight again. Promptly she reads a lot better!

I am a person who used to be very hot-tempered. Very occasionally an angry temper takes over. Often I realize that I need to take some time to relieve stress. But sometimes I just don't succeed. As soon as I get cranky, my children immediately shout: "Mommy, stop what you’re doing for now and go sit in the DNA-String for a while". Grateful for such beautiful coaches around me.

My daughter (10 years old) is arguing with her friend while they are playing at our place. I also get in a quarrel with my daughter. We talk it out together and we ask the girlfriend to join us because my daughter has trouble saying something to her friend that she didn't like about her behaviour. It became a good conversation and the quarrel ended very quickly.

Then I tell her that you can take away stress. "Yeah!", my daughter shouts enthusiastically. She proudly sits down like a peacock in a DNA string with her arms and legs crossed. I imitate her and her friend joins in right away. We sit like this for a while and I explain to her how to take away stress. As soon as we're done, the friend says: "I think this is useful, this feels good!"

L.V. (v.) is in het fifties, De-stress Teacher and sixth grade teacher.


I've been teaching 11 to 12 year olds for quite some time now. For them, the 'ABC of de-stressing' is a gift from heaven. In very early September, I will be introducing a series of lessons in brainology, which will cover the development of the baby to adult brain, the functioning of the teenager's brain and other interesting brain facts. In this context, I will explain the difference between a connected brain and a brain is stress. Then I teach them step by step the 'ABC of de-stressing'. Together with them I repeat this technique on a regular basis in different situations so that it becomes an automatism.

I got the best example at sports classes, where everyone was extremely stressed  just before they had to perform in front of 100 other sixth graders. Someone took the initiative to stand in DNA-string! And there my class stood, backstage with their arms and legs crossed. Their performance was more than successful!

One student told me that at the funeral of her grandmother at the church, she focused on her grief and sat down in DNA-string. She immediately felt embraced and comforted by her grandmother and her grief flowed away.

Another student played her piano exam final in front of a 9-member jury in peace and quiet, after she'd done an ABC of de-stressing.

What more could you wish for as a teacher than your pupils taking this tool with them for the rest of their lives and always having it at hand when needed!

Click here for videos of 'The ABC of de-stressing' for children... (Dutch)

Just give it a try! Even as a parent you can only benefit from it!