About Marina Riemslagh

This video will soon be translated in English!

What is your motivation for developing Live The Connection? How have you yourself been changed by Live The Connection?

My drive and motivation for developing Live The Connection springs from the experience that so many people suffer from both the present and the past, and the need to do something about it quickly and powerfully. People are not only touched by present stress from for instance conflicts or grief or lack of desired contacts. They also quite often suffer from the stress caused by things that they experienced years ago, in their youth or childhood.

In my research and PhD thesis that I defended in 2011, I discovered how stress works in the brain and afterwards I found what we can do about it to remove the effects of stress in an easy and fast way. I want to make this accessible for everyone, because it works so powerfully and everybody can apply this: both children and grown-ups, healthy and sick people, …

Thanks to Live The Connection I have become calmer, more loving and more focused. Thanks to this change I can commit myself better to what I find important. My health is also very good, whereas formerly this was not always the case.

Live The Connection is a powerful method: you know that in all circumstances you can help yourself. There is no dead-end road anymore. By Live The Connection all your opportunities remain open.

Can you tell me about your work experience that contributed to the development of Live The Connection?

Looking back, I can say that all of my work experience has contributed to Live The Connection. My first educational training was as a nurse, so I have always been interested in what happens in the body.

Then I worked 14 years in psychiatry. So, I know the suffering that springs from the circumstances of our life, and the traumas that can have an influence on us. The hopelessness some people find themselves in has always encouraged me to find solutions that they can apply themselves.

I have also had a thorough spiritual training. After this I worked as spiritual counsellor. And because I myself had problems with hefty irritations, through my counselling work I tried out everything within my reach and put it to the test. That is why Live The Connection contains the best elements of all methods I have applied myself. Because it is at the same time so much more than the different elements, it is also really new and more powerful than ever.

Of course, I also wanted to see if I could validate my statements about the power of this method. On EEG (recordings of the electric activity of the brain) the effects of ‘The ABC of De-stressing’ were visible immediately. The results of working with someone who was extremely irritated for one hour, were simply spectacular.